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Albatros Biondi Arredamenti Lucca



Since 1957 The ALBATROS s.a.s. of BIONDI & C. has worked in the furniture sector to create every kind of ambience: Private, Commercial, Touristic and Corporation with classical and modern furniture. Regarding classical furniture, the Albatros s.a.s  workmanship follow the best hand-finished Italian old-fashiond techniques, used on IGNOT WOOD furniture in 300 models. Two of these are the “laquer rubber and wax” and “laquer rubber and alchohol”. Regarding modern furniture we have a wide choice of models for Houses, Offices, Hotels, Private and Public Corporations and many other... You can see many photos on our website, but if you want to see more ask for a free catalogue, (Cd-Rom) click on “Ask for a Cd-Rom”, write your name, address and send the e-mail. Please take a good look at our website and don’t forget to contact us; we are honoured to give you any information about our furniture quality...
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1957 - 2007 Albatros s.a.s. di Biondi &  C. - tel. e fax. +39.0583.950.212 - info@albatros-sas.it